1. Enter any website domain into the Site Inspector. Make sure to include the entire domain, including “http,” “https,” “.com,” etc. 


2. From there, you can choose a website to look at. You’ll see the site’s domain authority and can click on the “+” to see the site’s backlinks or the “G” to see their Google Ads.

a. We love to look at a competitor site’s Google Ads for keyword inspiration. Generally, if a site is bidding on ads for a keyword, that is a good target for your organic search strategy (after all, your competitor is willing to pay for those clicks).

b. Domain authority is a measure of how reputable the site is in Google’s eyes (based on backlink profile and content quality).

c. Backlinks are the links from around the web that point to the given site.


3. To look at the site’s organic traffic, look on the right-hand side of the screen. Click “Full Organic Report” to view all of their organic keywords. 



4. From there, you’ll be able to see all the keywords that the site ranks for, the corresponding page that ranks for the given keyword, their position in the Google SERP for that keyword, and the monthly search volume that exists for that keyword. Note that monthly volume is not how much organic traffic the website gets for the given keyword. Instead, it is the total search volume for that keyword that exists.