1. Enter your domain and your competitor’s domain.
2. GrowthBar scans thousands of keywords on both sites in terms of monthly search volume, estimated difficulty score, CPC, and existing ranking positions. It then assigns an Opportunity Score to each keyword.
3. When the Keyword Roadmap resolves, you will see the following metrics.

a. Opportunity Score: GrowthBar’s Opportunity Score calculates the opportunity of the given keywords. The score is 0-100, with 100 being the highest opportunity keyword.

b. Monthly Searches: Accurate search volume from a database of over 2 billion keywords. Note that the monthly searches may differ from what you will see in the Keyword Research feature. That’s because the Monthly Searches is worldwide search volume, while the Keyword Research feature uses country-specific search volume.

c. CPC: This is what advertisers are willing to pay in Google Ads for the keyword in question.

d. Value of position 1: A proprietary GrowthBar metric, the value of position 1 is the intelligence you need to understand how profitable a keyword could be for your business. It’s calculated via a combination of clickthrough rate assumptions and Google CPC. Note that the Value of Position 1 may differ from the Keyword Research Value of Position 1 because

e. Difficulty Score: This is a rough difficulty metric that enables you to understand how difficult a keyword is to rank for based on the competition. Note that the Difficulty Score may differ from the Difficulty Score you see in the Keyword Research feature. That’s because this score is the worldwide difficulty, not country-specific as it is in the Keyword Research feature.


4. You can sort data by clicking the heading of any column. 


5. You can click the three dots to create a blog post or optimize an existing blog post in the Content Generator.